The NIEROS plant started in 1773 producing scythes for the local farmers. In 1964, a new manufacturing plant developing stainless steel equipment for slaughterhouses and butchers was established.

NIEROS hygiene products:

  • Walk through boot washer
  • Automatic hand cleaners
  • Apron washers
  • Disinfection equipment
  • Basket and trolley washers
  • Batch Style
  • Inline Tunnel version

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NIEROS materials handling equipment:

  • Lifters
  • Loaders
  • Conveyers

The NIEROS manufacturing and design team take great pride in what they produce whether a small one up single item or a complete factory fit out fully designed with conveyors, boot/hand/pallet/trolley washers, a variety of material handling equipment with brine/water chillers.


The AZZAR manufacturing plant in Switzerland has been manufacturing patty forming (hamburger/meatball) machines on this site for over 30 years. Today the machines are marketed throughout the world as PROVATEC other than the U.S.A where they are known as NUTEC.

Provatec Products:

  • Patty (Hamburger/Meatball) making machines

About Provatec products:

  • Variety of models - depending on range of outputs and working widths
  • Provatec is known for its gentle filling system known as Rotor Form
  • Pump style filling on a horizontal plane, product gently flows into the mould plate void minimising overworking
    • E.G.: Full muscle product or even soft noodles can be formed without destroying the integrity
  • Models vary from 400 kgs up to 2500 kgs of patty per hour and upward depending on product type - flat, 3D or rolled
  • The end product from Provatec (depending on the model) can be:
    • Stacked and interleaved with paper
    • Deposited directly into packing machines
    • Over other food preparation or processing lines with the C Frame versions


Swedish based GAROS have been manufacturing curing equipment for 25 years and are at the forefront of development and manufacturing curing equipment.

GAROS curing equipment - product line:

  • Injectors
  • Injectors/ Tenderisers
  • Tumblers and vacuum transfer systems

About GAROS products:

  • Designed and developed to endure rough treatment in the harsh processing environment at the "front end" of the meat and poultry further processing industry, whilst still optimising quality and end yields for their customers/end-users alike.
  • Vaccum tumblers optimise mixing and massaging action at varying speeds with a temperature controlled cooling jacket
  • The injectors and injector/tenderisers have always been designed with the processor in mind with long lasting components, minimal maintenance, heavy duty construction still with the possibility of high injection yields with minimum pressure
  • GAROS's pioneered designing / manufacturing of vacuum loading and vacuum discharge systems operating from a remote point of up to 30 metres away
  • GAROS's Unique technology in sending product to work areas or holding silos, minimising handling, hygienic operation, reduced wastage and maximising yields

GAROS is always one step ahead in development, always providing excellence in quality and efficiency.


The complete answer to the tumbling and/or mixing need for whole meat products such as poultry, ham stop- and silversides, pork loins, minced products of meat, fish, vegetables, salads etc. The range and versatility is nearly unlimited.

GBT 300 works with standards skips/trolleys and manages 200 kg of product each work cycle, vacuum grade up to ca 50 percent. (For higher grade of vacuum reinforced trolleys can be used.) Note that the whole space nearly 200 l above the skip together with the skip volume 200 l are the tumbling/mixing volume for the products. That means that the skip can be loaded to its maximum, 200 kg. A very important fact! When 200 kg per work cycle is stated we refer to hams/red meat.

Product with less specific weights may need more space.

On the digital display you can easily program start time, vacuum on and off and interval running. When time is out, the tumbler with trolley stops in exact position. One press on the button for "down" and the trolley goes down and can be pulled out. GBT 300 is ready to be reloaded.

GBT 300 is very easy to hold in a high hygienic standard and has very moderate requirements on maintenance. Hints: Tumbling hams 600 - 800 kg per day Spicing chicken parts then only a couple minutes is needed, which gives a capacity of 2000 kg per hour.


Whether your business is meat, fish, dough, vegetables or fruits, the Backsaver is the mobile tipping device for your needs!

A handy machine equiped with a powerful battery can easily tip 25 tons of meat a day in bins of 800 kilograms so your employees do not need to bend over anymore to reach for the product. This really saves backs!

An easy-to-use machine to fill your conveyor or to unload a bin into your crates, imagine the possibilities.

If your meat arives in standard plastic bins, Bigbags, Octabins, different types of crates or other Bins, most of the times we build your custom Backsaver.

The Backsavers are completely build by "van Oirschot Roestvrijstaal B.V." in Boxtel, the Netherlands so we build for your desire.

The most common industries for the Backsaver are:

  • Meat processing (Pork, beef, poultry)
  • Fishery and fish processing
  • Vegetable and fruit industry
  • Large bakeries


Brokelmann is a German company who have based their manufacturing plant in Milicz, Poland. The Company manufactures an impressive range of stainless steel products ranging from 200 litre tubs, smokehouse/cooking trolleys, work benches and tables.